Top 18 Real Estate Websites in Nigeria 2024

Looking for the best real estate websites in Nigeria in 2023? If you’re looking for a dream home to buy, or you’re an agent/marketer looking to list properties online for a quick sale, there are some websites that could help with that in Nigeria.

A real estate website can be an online presence of a real estate company, or a property listing website. Either way, they serve as a medium for buying, selling, and leasing properties.

On real estate websites, you can also get access to investment opportunities, as some real estate companies also offer investment services and help clients manage their portfolios of properties.

There are still loads of other features of real estate websites. So, regardless of what service you seek, Nairarush has brought before you 18 of the best real estate websites in Nigeria that could offer your needs.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Top 18 Real Estate Websites in Nigeria 2023

The most reliable real estate websites in Nigeria in 2023 include:


Founded in 2012, Nigeria Property Centre is a reliable real estate website in Nigeria that lets you list, and/or source properties online easily.

The site provides a platform for both buyers and sellers, as it features the best local and international properties for sale, rent, and lease.

As an agent, you can use this site to list properties and find teeming clients to work with. Whether you’re looking for homes, apartments, lands, shops, office spaces, or other commercial properties, you can find the perfect one for you on

Properties listed on these platforms are from various Nigerian states, and the sellers are usually top Realtors.

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Top real estate websites in Nigeria

With over 60,000 property listings including properties like homes, houses, apartments, lands, shops, office spaces, and other commercial properties, small, medium, and large-scale real estate companies, Propertypro is one of the leading real estate websites in Nigeria.

The site majors in property rental and sales listings. It provides users with the best property search experience both online and offline by connecting them with verified real estate agents across Nigeria.

Propertypro is created and operated by a team of professionals in the real estate industry, and that makes it more reliable. It also offers other property services such as giving you access to legitimate electricians, plumbers, painters, carpenters, generator repairs, cleaners, dish, and air conditioner installers.

As an agent or real estate company, you can also list and advertise your properties on and get more exposure. It has featured companies like Landwey, Adron Homes, and HomeLand, among others.

3. Muna Real Estate Limited

Muna Real Estate Limited is a Nigerian-based international real estate platform that does just more than offer property listings and maybe connect you to a realtor. It also offers lots of resources that teach about the real estate industry.

If you’re looking for real estate investment platforms in Nigeria, Muna is one of the most reliable. From investment analysis, strategies, and management, to property acquisition, sales, and even advisory, there’s no limit to the number of real estate resources you can find on this platform.

If you’re an investor, you also get access to a wide range of properties to buy across seven different countries on this platform. These include the UK, Singapore, Cyprus, the US (Miami), and UAE (Dubai), among others.

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4. Private Property

With multiple thousands of properties from leading realtors across the country, PrivateProperty is one of the best real estate platforms in Nigeria, where you can get a huge list of properties in a specific location by just street or state name.

This website brings together legitimate buyers with credible sellers such as Cadwell, and Kuber, among others. Listings on this site include homes, houses, apartments, land, short lets for sale, and rent.

As a realtor, this site allows you to sign up and list your properties to get more exposure. Regardless of your location, whether as a buyer or seller, has a huge database of properties for you to explore across Nigeria.


Real estate websites in Nigeria

Founded in 2016, is one of the fastest-growing real estate websites in Nigeria.

This website is owned and operated by a group of Nigerian investors and it offers property listings for sale or rent around Nigeria and beyond. It has over 200,000 properties listed in Nigeria alone as of the time of curating this post.

Properties on this platform include lands, homes, houses, apartments, and other commercial properties. This site also lets agents promote properties on their platform for more exposure.

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Property24 can be referred to as a Nigerian real estate search engine. This site lets you input property specifications, and it will provide you with the most accurate results. That is you can search for available properties in your area and have a huge list instantly.

The platform also helps people find and easily connect potential buyers with sellers and vice versa in the real estate market.

7. Hutbay

Real estate platforms in nigeria

Hutbay is another Nigerian real estate website that gives you access to a vast sum of real estate listings throughout the country. Its listings cover everything from homes and apartments, to lands and other commercial properties.

On this site, you can also source and connect with verified real estate agents. Hurray also allows you to post your properties for sale or lease by just creating an account.

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Founded in 2013, propertylisthub is a property listing website that features both commercial, and residential properties for sale and rent on its platform.

Properties listed on this platform are well detailed as they contain vital property info such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, air conditioners, price range, the type of property it is, and lots more.

In essence, Propertylisthub connects property seekers in Nigeria and abroad to real estate agents, agencies, developers, and property sellers. Furthermore, as an online listing platform, it offers bookings of short lets of flats or homes whether it’s a private room, a shared room, or an entire home and event center with event halls, meeting rooms, or conference rooms.

Additionally, you can also add your properties to the platform for sale, rent, or lease.


Real estate sites in Nigeria

Landwey is not a property listing site, but a multi-award-winning real estate development company operating within the residential, commercial, and retail sectors.

This company is mainly focused on real estate investment in Nigeria, which their website is used for. The platform offers clients the safest, most secure, and guaranteed ROI, by investing and subscribing to their estate developments.

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Nigeria Property Zone is one of the most reliable real estate websites in Nigeria in terms of affordability, as lots of cheap homes, houses, and apartments from different locations in Nigeria are regularly listed on the site.

This platform is one of the best property listing websites in Nigeria as it has a feature that could let you watch and get into details about specific properties. Agents can also post their properties on the site to gain more exposure.

11. is another real estate website that deals with the listing of properties for sale, and rent. This website gives you access to thousands of properties within the country. You can also book short lets on the platform easily.

From homes and houses to land, features properties to connect buyers with sellers.

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Sheltersworld is one of the most popular real estate platforms in Nigeria that offers property seekers the best quality, and also allows agents to list properties.

The site has been online for long and is one of the few property listing platforms in Nigeria that features residential properties such as apartments, single-family homes, villas, studios, and condos. It also features commercial properties such as office spaces and shops in many parts of the country.

Properties are usually listed on this platform by verified realtors. If you’re an agent or property developer, you can also promote properties on this platform.


Real estate website in Nigeria

Naijahouses is a real estate website in Nigeria that helps you find the best property deal that fits your budget. This platform features thousands of cheap and affordable real estate properties for sale and rent.

While most of their listings are from Lagos and Abuja, you can also search properties in other parts of the country on, as it is one of the best property search engines in Nigeria.

If you already know an agent or real estate developer you want to work with, it is very much possible you find them on Naijahouses, as it also features top real estate agents in Nigeria such as Chadwick Realtors, Breepropertiesng, MLS properties, Blue Hedged Realtors, and many more.

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14. is a reliable site launched with the aim of providing an efficient and affordable platform for Nigerians to find their dream home, get the best deals around, and make the best decisions on purchasing property without having to pay exorbitant fees commonly charged by agents at the time of purchase.

On this site, you can source, buy or rent properties whether online or offline. is one of Nigeria’s largest property portals and the most trusted online real estate platform in Nigeria.

Agents can also list properties on this site. To gain more traction, also offers realtors the opportunity to advertise properties in their magazines.


Nigerian Property Market is a leading Nigerian Property website – one of the best places to start your real estate search whether you are an investor, buying for your own use, or looking for a place to rent.

On this platform, you can find thousands of properties for sale and rent with detailed information about each property, including maps, photos, and specifications. It features the most comprehensive selection in the property market – the most popular properties, purpose-built flats, serviced apartments, land, houses, and commercial property.


Nigeria Property Finder is one of the popular real estate websites in Nigeria that features thousands of up-to-date property listings mainly in developing locations across the country.

This site welcomes property seekers and connects them with agents and property developers in specific locations.


Propertify Nigeria is a dedicated real estate and property listing website in Nigeria. The platform specializes in all kinds of real estate types – for rent, for sale, and for lease.

The site also offers the most needed opportunity for property owners and agents alike, to interact favorably with prospective buyers and renters.

Above all, is a modern real estate management solution, which allows clients to own and maintain a property marketplace, coordinate with clients, and communicate with anyone interested in their properties.

Propertify Nigeria provides seamless and hassle-free opportunities to find details of properties like Homes, Lands, shops, office spaces, and other commercial properties to buy or rent across Nigeria.

18. NigeriaProperties.Estate

With a long history in the Real Estate Management industry, Nigeria Properties Group [NPG] is a real estate website dedicated to connecting property buyers and sellers while offering quality that meets their expectations and needs.

Combining an industry-leading property database of real estate leads with a team of real estate professionals, makes your housing needs efficient and easy. That means you can easily search for, and buy or rent properties of your choice on NigeriaProperties.

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The real estate market is now one of the fastest-growing industries in Nigeria, and lots of Nigerians are involved whether as an investor, agents, or tenants. Regardless of how you’re involved in the industry, I believe this post about the top real estate websites in Nigeria will help in one way or the other.


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