Top 10 Real Estate Investors in Nigeria 2024

With the pace at which the real estate industry is booming in the country, a lot of people now seek the top real estate investors in Nigeria either to take as mentors or work with.

There are lots of them across the country, but you need to know and go with the reliable ones and operate legally. That is why we’ve come up with this post to show you 10 of the top real estate investors in Nigeria at the moment.

Here in this post, you’ll get to know how those companies work, and also what services they offer.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Top 10 Real Estate Investors in Nigeria 2023

1. Sugimoto Construction Limited

With tons of properties invested in, Sugimoto Construction Limited is one of the most popular real estate investors in Nigeria. This company uses both indigenous and international professionals in real estate development to map out and construct/invest in classy properties including residential and luxury real estate.

Sugimoto is very popular especially in Lagos, as they also offer other real estate services such as facility management, infrastructure construction, interior decoration, projects, and contracts catering to homeowners and discerning real estate investors, who wish to grow their investment portfolio.

The company has invested in several properties and offers people living in Lagos and Abuja affordable homes and houses.

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2. Landwey Investment Limited

Real estate investors in nigeria

Landwey is a multi-award-winning real estate investor in Nigeria, operating within the residential, commercial, and retail sectors in the property market.

Landwey is a company that is mainly focused on real estate investment within Nigeria. They offer clients the safest, and most secure ROI-guaranteed investment platforms, by investing and subscribing to their estate developments.

The company is very trustworthy, as they’ve surfaced on multiple reliable online platforms for their relentless contractions of new homes and apartments, as such, they’ve won lots of awards including:

  • Most Innovative Real Estate Marketing Company 2017 (Business Day Leadership Awards)
  • Most Promising Real Estate Company 2018 (Real Estate Excellence Award)
  • Most Promising Real Estate Company 2018 (The 4th City People Real Estate Award)
  • Real Estate Investment Company of the Year 2019 (Business Day Leadership Award)

If you’re looking for the best real estate investment companies in Nigeria, Landwey is a good one to consider.

3. Adron Homes and Properties

Adron Homes is one of the most popular real estate investors in Nigeria. With their exclusive adverts, the company is very popular and has surfaced in many TV shows and even radio channels.

From top-notch, quality homes and apartments, to exclusive gardens and parks, Adron has invested in the highest number of decent, accessible, comfortable and classy properties, across Nigeria.

The company also works as an agent to offer clients properties for real discounted prices. Adron has invested in over 4,000 acres of land in areas including Abuja, Shimawa, Lekki, and Ikorodu, and the list goes on across the country.

If you’re an investor, Adron also lets you become a property owner easily by helping you secure and manage your real estate portfolio with them.

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4. Revolution Plus Properties

Revolution Plus Properties is another real estate investor in Nigeria that specializes in houses and land investment for sale across the country.

The company has a team of professionals with extensive knowledge of the real estate industry across the country. Revolution Plus Properties also gives clients guidance and advisory services required by real estate investors.

Revolution Plus Properties also have a lot of affordable and quality Products (Lands, Houses) to their name. That means you can buy and invest in properties with the company for cheap prices.

5. Ayeye & Co

Real estate investors in nigeria

Ayeye & Co is an Abuja-based real estate investor in Nigeria. The company has a dedicated team of professionals that understand the property market, that help source the best real estate investment in Abuja.

Ayeye & Co has been in business for a long time and has worked with top Nigerian companies including Access Bank, Firstbank, Amcon, and so on.

This company has invested in a variety of beautiful affordable homes, and apartments in various parts of Abuja, and beyond which you can get access as an investor. The company also offers property management and other real estate services.

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6. Cadwell Limited

Cadwell is one of the oldest and top real estate investors in Nigeria who majors in almost every aspect of real estate. They’ve been in business for over 20 years, and they’ve been offering clients satisfactory services.

The company invests in property development and management, marketing of real estate projects, and facility maintenance. It also welcomes investors to become property owners, and make good returns on their investments.

The company’s investments include apartments, homes, and commercial properties. They handle lots of properties across the country.

7. Boing Luxury Estates

With over 8 years of experience in the real estate industry, Boing Luxury Estates is another top real estate investor in Nigeria that has completed multiple projects mainly in Abuja.

The company has a team of professionals that are experts in real estate, and are dedicated to providing exquisite housing and property solutions to Individuals, groups, and corporate bodies, across many states in Nigeria.

Boing Luxury Estates can be referred to as a real estate investment company in Nigeria because they work hard to improve their status quo by creating real estate investment solutions, extending relentless support, and providing seamless access to top real estate investors, amateur, and even novice.

As of the time of curating this post, the company has about 10 property investments across Nigeria, most of which are located in Abuja. They also regularly have listings available for clients in many parts of the country.

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8. DNJ Properties and Investment Limited

Based in Lagos, DNJ Properties and Investment Limited is another Nigerian real estate investment company that offers almost all real estate services. They can also be referred to as a real estate agent and at the same time developers.

This is because they specialize in various real estate services including facility management, sales, rent, building, sourcing, maintenance, etc. You can buy or rent properties (homes, and apartments) from them, invest and let them build, and/or manage your properties, and so on.

The company has tons of property investment across Nigeria including:

  • DNJ Crown Apartments
  • DNJ The Royales Apartments
  • DNJ Imperial Gardens Estate
  • DNJ Vantage Court
  • DNJ New Town Park
  • DNJ Eminence Court
  • DNJ Aceville

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9. Landmark Corporate Realty Limited

With over 10 years of experience in the property market, Landmark is one of the best real estate investors in Nigeria based in Lagos. The company is one of the few Realtors that invest in smart homes around Lagos.

They also offer real estate development, management, and brokerage services. The company welcomes investors and also offers a flexible payment platform.

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10. Jide Taiwo & Co

Last but not least on this post about the best real estate investors in Nigeria is Jide Taiwo & Co. This is another real estate investment company located in Lagos.

No matter the dynamics, when it comes to letting, buying, or selling properties of any kind, the company is a trusted ally. Jide Taiwo has a bunch of property investments across Nigeria, most of which are located in Lagos.

The company gladly welcomes investors, as you can get properties at affordable rates from them. You can also list your properties on their platform and have them exposed to other investors.

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When looking for property investors in Nigeria, there are many things to consider such as trustworthiness. This post has covered the top 10 real estate investors in Nigeria and real estate investment companies that are registered legally in Nigeria, and are very reliable.

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