How to Make 10,000 Naira in a Day in Nigeria 2024 [20 Legit Ways]

Dreaming of how to make 10,000 naira in a day in Nigeria? Or you’ve asked yourself, “is it possible to make 10k daily in Nigeria?” Well, dreams do come true!

This guide aims to enlighten you on numerous ways to reach that goal. Be it a student, a freelancer, or anyone looking to diversify income sources, this post is for you.

By diving into the wealth of opportunities within the Nigerian market, you too can earn 10,000 naira daily.

The key to how to earn 10,000 naira in a day in Nigeria lies in understanding the Nigerian business environment and leveraging the internet for lucrative online businesses. From online tutoring to small-scale farming, here are 20 practical and proven ways that explain how to earn 10k daily in Nigeria.

20 Ways to Make 10,000 Naira in a Day in Nigeria

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a top-notch online business to make 10k daily. It involves promoting other companies’ products and earning a commission for every sale made through your referral link.

With an understanding of your audience’s needs, you can select products they are likely to purchase and earn passive income.

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2. Blogging

Many people underestimate blogging as a daily income business to make 10k in Nigeria. By focusing on in-demand niches like fashion, technology, finance, health, or entertainment, you can attract significant web traffic.

With a blend of Google AdSense, sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing, you’re on your way to make 10,000 naira daily in Nigeria.

3. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a golden goose for those thinking about how to make 10k daily in Nigeria. You simply need a functional website where you list products at a markup price.

Once orders come in, you pass them to your supplier, who ships them directly to your customers. It’s an ideal online business to make 10k daily without requiring significant startup capital.

4. Freelance Writing

With an impressive command of English, you can provide writing services to businesses worldwide. Platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer offer numerous opportunities to write and get paid 10,000 naira in a day.

5. Digital Marketing Services

With more businesses recognizing the importance of an online presence, you can offer digital marketing services. SEO, content marketing, email marketing, social media management are in high demand.

Master these skills and show businesses how to thrive online, and making N10,000 Naira daily as a student in Nigeria, or as a professional, becomes reality.

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6. Social Media Influencing

Make 10,000 Naira in a Day

If you’re adept at building and maintaining a large social media following, influencing can be your ticket on how to earn 10,000 naira in a day in Nigeria. Brands are always on the lookout for influencers to drive awareness and sales.

7. E-commerce

E-commerce presents an excellent opportunity for those asking how to earn 10,000 daily in Nigeria without investment.

Start by selling products that you’re familiar with, market them through social media, and before you know it, you’re making a significant daily income.

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8. Online Tutoring

If you’re skilled in areas like mathematics, science, languages, or programming, online tutoring could be your path to making 10k daily in Nigeria.

Platforms like Tutors NG allow you to register and offer your services to a wide array of students.

9. Graphics Design Services

Graphic designers are currently in high demand. If you have a creative passion, start offering your services to businesses that need logos, banners, flyers, and more.

Your design skill could be the answer to how to make N10,000 Naira daily as a student in Nigeria, or even as a professional.

10. Virtual Assistant Services

As a virtual assistant, you can offer services like email management, appointment scheduling, social media management, and customer service. With the right skills, you could easily start earning 10k daily in Nigeria.

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11. Web Development

Businesses are seeking professionals who can create and maintain a professional and functional website. Learn how to code and design websites, and you’ll be on your path to making 10,000 naira daily in Nigeria.

12. App Development

As businesses seek to improve their digital presence, app development skills are in high demand. You can either build apps for companies or create your own apps to generate daily income.

13. Event Planning

For those with organizational skills, event planning could be a viable path to earn 10,000 daily in Nigeria. By planning and coordinating weddings, parties, and corporate events, you can earn a substantial income.

14. Small Scale Farming

Agriculture remains one of Nigeria’s biggest sectors. Small-scale farming like poultry, fish, vegetable farming, and snail rearing can be profitable ventures to earn 10k daily in Nigeria.

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15. Fast Food/Street Food Business

A fast-food business that caters to Nigeria’s popular and unique tastes can be a goldmine. By offering local dishes in high traffic areas, you’re on your way to earning 10,000 naira daily.

16. Real Estate Agency

Working as a real estate agent can be a profitable venture. Your task is to connect property buyers with sellers, and for every successful deal, you earn a commission.

17. Fashion Design and Retail

Nigeria has a rich fashion scene. If you have a passion for fashion, start designing unique pieces, and create a niche for yourself in the fashion market.

18. Personal Fitness Training

With a growing interest in fitness and wellness, there’s a demand for personal fitness trainers. If you’re fitness-savvy, you can offer your services to fitness enthusiasts and earn 10k daily in Nigeria.

19. Video Production Services

With a good understanding of video production, you can offer your services to businesses for their promotional videos. This is an excellent way to earn 10,000 daily in Nigeria.

20. Photography Services

Professional photographers are always in demand for weddings, corporate events, and portrait photography.

With a good camera and the right skills, this could be your gateway on how to earn 10,000 naira in a day in Nigeria.

To tap into these opportunities, take time to learn the necessary skills. Identify your area of interest, and invest in your growth.

Building a business, whether online or offline, takes time. But with consistency, you’ll start to see results. You can indeed earn 10,000 naira daily in Nigeria!


There you have it! 20 unique and practical ways on how to make 10,000 naira in a day in Nigeria. It’s time to break the norms and increase your wealth.

Remember, it begins with a step, and that step could be picking one of the opportunities listed above. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends seeking ways to earn a daily income in Nigeria, and do leave a comment below about your experiences!

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