10 Loan Apps That Call Your Contacts in Nigeria 2023-2024

Loan Apps That Call Your Contacts in Nigeria 2023-2024

Today, we are going to be discussing something essential.

We will list the top 10 loan platforms that will call your contacts if you refuse to pay up your loan after the due date.

To proceed further, In this article, we’re also going to explore a critical question: “Can loan apps still access my contacts after I’ve uninstalled them?”

The answer is yes, but only if you’ve previously permitted them to do so.

We’ll delve into the steps you need to take to remove your contact list from these loan apps.

Stick with us to the end, and you’ll learn how to safeguard your contacts from loan apps in Nigeria.

That’s why we’ve included a list of fake loan apps unapproved by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for your safety and convenience.

Using loan apps that resort to contacting your friends and family in case of payment defaults can be a distressing experience.

It’s even more concerning if these apps retain access to your contacts after being uninstalled. Therefore, we’ll also guide you on how to identify and avoid such loan apps in Nigeria.

Plus, we’ll share some tips on how to stop these apps from reaching out to your contacts. Keep reading to secure your privacy and maintain peace of mind!

Without any further ado, let’s get to the list of loan apps in Nigeria that will call your contact.

10 Loan Apps That Call Your Contacts in Nigeria

The following is the list of 10 loan apps that call your contacts in Nigeria;

  1. FairMoney: Known for its quick loan disbursement, but users have reported contact outreach in some cases.
  2. PalmCredit: Offers instant loans but might reach out to contacts for repayment follow-ups.
  3. Branch: Popular for its easy access to loans but has been noted for contacting users’ personal networks in some instances.
  4. QuickCheck: Provides fast loans, though there have been instances where contacts were alerted about defaults.
  5. Carbon (Paylater): Renowned for its financial services, including loans, but there are reports of contact outreach for recovery.
  6. Aella Credit: Offers straightforward loan services, but there are instances where it contacts users’ personal networks.
  7. Sokoloan: Quick loan disbursement, but known to contact borrowers’ networks in case of non-payment.
  8. LCredit: Provides loans with relatively easy approval, but may reach out to contacts for loan recovery.
  9. GoCash: Offers instant loans, with some reports of contacting users’ contacts for repayment reminders.
  10. Okash: Part of the Opera financial services, known for its loan offerings and potential contact outreach.
10 Loan Apps That Call Your Contacts in Nigeria 2023-2024

How Do Loan Apps Access Your Contacts?

Let’s break down how loan apps get access to your contact list.

It’s quite simple: when you install a loan app on your phone, it often asks for your permission to access different parts of your device, including your contacts.

If you agree and give the app permission, it then can view and store your contact details.

This access request is similar to what you might have seen with other apps.

For example, a camera app will ask you to use your phone’s camera, or a social media app might want to access your photo gallery.

In the case of loan apps, they often explain that accessing your contacts helps them with recovering loans or assessing credit risks.

But remember, you’re in charge here.

You can decide whether or not to give these permissions.

Saying no might affect how the app works or might even stop you from being able to use it at all.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to carefully read what permissions an app is asking for before you download and use it, especially with loan apps.

Why Do Loan Apps Request Access to Your Contacts?

Let’s check out why loan apps often want to look at your contact list:

  1. Checking Your Identity: A big reason is for identity verification. The app uses your contact list to make sure you are who you say you are, and that the contact details you’ve given are accurate.
  2. Linking You with More Lenders: Some loan apps also try to connect you with additional lenders. For this, they will need to see your contacts to find potential lenders who could offer you a loan.
  3. Determining How Much Loan You Can Get: Another reason is to assess your ability to repay a loan. By looking at your contacts, the app tries to understand your financial connections, which helps them decide the loan amount you qualify for.

Remember, it is in your hands whether these apps can access your contacts.

They generally require your consent, and you can always change your mind and revoke this permission in your device settings.

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Why Do Loan Apps Call Your Contacts?

Imagine you’ve used a loan app and, for some reason, you’ve fallen behind on payments. What happens next?

Well, some loan apps might call the people in your contact list. Let’s talk about why they do this:

  1. Reminder for Payment: If you’re not responding to the app’s reminders or missing payments, the app might start calling your contacts as a way to nudge you to pay back the loan. It’s like having someone remind you in person, except it’s through your contacts.
  2. Pressure Tactic: Honestly, it’s also a bit of a pressure tactic. The app might think that if your friends or family know about your loan, you might feel more obligated to pay it back quickly.
  3. Last Resort for Contact: Sometimes, if they can’t get in touch with you directly, these apps will reach out to your contacts hoping to get a message to you. It’s like when a friend can’t reach you, so they ask another friend if they’ve seen you.

It’s important to remember that not all loan apps do this, and they’re supposed to get your permission before contacting anyone from your list.

But it’s a practice you should be aware of when you’re choosing a loan app.

How to Stop Loan Apps from Calling Your Contacts

Worried about loan apps ringing up your friends and family?

Let’s talk about how you can stop this from happening:

  1. Please read the Terms Carefully: Before downloading a loan app, give its terms and conditions a good read. If it says something about contacting your contacts and you’re not okay with it, maybe it’s better to look for a different app.
  2. Manage Permissions: When you first set up a loan app, it might ask to peek into your contacts. Think twice before saying yes. And if you’ve already said yes, you can always change your mind. Just hop into your phone settings and take back that permission.
  3. Communicate with the Lender: If paying back a loan is getting tough, get in touch with the lender. Often, they’re more than willing to figure out a plan that works for you, which means they won’t feel the need to call your contacts.
  4. Stay on Top of Your Payments: The best way to avoid this whole scenario is by staying on top of your payments. If you think you might miss a payment, let the lender know early on.
  5. Uninstall Unnecessary Apps: If there’s a loan app on your phone that you’re not using, just uninstall it. That way, it can’t access your contacts anymore, especially if you previously allowed it to.
  6. Speak Up Against Wrong Practices: If a loan app goes behind your back and contacts people without your permission, that’s not cool. You should report this kind of behavior to the right authorities or consumer protection groups.

By taking these steps, you can borrow money without the worry of your contacts getting unwanted calls.

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FAQs on Loan Apps That Call Your Contacts in Nigeria

Why Do Loan Apps Call My Contacts?

Have you ever wondered why some loan apps in Nigeria end up calling people from your contact list?

It usually happens when you miss a payment.

The app might use this as a strategy to remind you or pressure you into paying back the loan.

Do Loan Apps Still Call Contacts?

Yes, some fake loan applications will still try to call your contacts directly, using the information you provided to them when obtaining the loan.

Thus, you have to be very careful with loan apps you will share your personal information with.

Can I Stop Loan Apps from Accessing My Contacts?

Yes, you can!

When you install a loan app, it might ask for permission to access your contacts.

You have the right to say no.

If you’ve already given permission, you can change this by adjusting the app permissions in your phone’s settings.

What Should I Do If a Loan App Contacts My Family and Friends?

Firstly, try to communicate with the lender and explain your situation.

If the app contacts your contacts without your permission, consider reporting this to consumer protection agencies or the appropriate regulatory bodies in Nigeria.

Wrapping Up Loan Apps That Call Your Contacts in Nigeria

It is essential to understand that it is bad to not repay your debt.

Try and collect loans you will be able to repay in other to avoid any form of unethical behaviour from these loan apps.

And that is our wrapping up on the list of 10 loan platforms that will call your contact in Nigeria.

However, if there are any questions you would like to us, kindly drop them in the comment section.

Take Care!

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