Top 10 Investments that Pay Monthly Income in Nigeria 2024

After grinding hard, putting your money into something that will yield more money passively is a very smart move to build wealth.

Investment is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it may take years for lots of investments to yield returns, but they are all worth it, as you may not need to work again when they finally start paying off.

There are lots of investment opportunities in Nigeria, however, knowing the best one to go with may be difficult, especially if you’re new to the “investment world”.

Like I said above, investments do take a long time to yield returns, but Nairarush has well-researched and curated 10 of the best investments that pay monthly income in Nigeria.

If you want to know them all, then join me, and let’s explore this post together!

Investments that Pay Monthly Income in Nigeria 2023

1. Real Estate

Investments that pay monthly income in Nigeria

Unless you’re not on the internet, you won’t know that the real estate industry is booming in Nigeria. Real estate could be your best investment decision if done right.

Although it requires huge capital, you can keep generating monthly recurring returns if you have properties. You don’t even need to micromanage this investment to keep cashing in.

You can invest in real estate in many ways. These include investing through a real estate company or organization and owning shares in their properties, or investing directly and employing an organization to manage on your behalf.

Perhaps, you can also manage your properties by yourself if you have the time. Regardless of how you start, you can always charge a monthly rental fee from occupants (tenants), and make money passively every month.

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2. High Dividend Mutual Funds

With the advancement of technology in Nigeria, it is now much easier to invest in mutual funds than ever. A lot of fintech companies that majors in investment now let you put your money in mutual funds and enjoy monthly dividends.

Although not that profitable, mutual funds are one of the most secure investment options in Nigeria. You can become a shareholder and make up to 12% or more annually. That is about 1% ROI monthly.

There are lots of investment companies that let you invest in mutual funds in Nigeria both online and offline. You can easily put your money to work and generate monthly profits via mutual funds.

3. Agriculture

Investments that pay weekly

Agriculture is the oldest way of making money in Nigeria, and till now you can still make money from the business.

Food is very important for survival, so investing in agriculture could make good returns. You can either choose to invest directly in agriculture or utilize investment platforms and associations that crowdfund farmers as a form of investment.

Investing directly could make you the most money, as you can get up to 50% ROI monthly from poultry farming, or up to 100% or more every three months from maize farming. However, you would need more money and time to invest in Agric this way, as you’ll need to employ workers to do all the dirty jobs.

If you’re a 9 to 5 worker, this could be the smartest investment idea in Nigeria, as I have seen lots of workers (bankers especially) settle for Agric after retirement.

Another way to invest in Agriculture involves buying and stocking farm produce like rice, corn, cocoa, cashew nut, and so on, then selling for profits when their prices rise.

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4. Haulage Transportation

The transportation business is one of the oldest ways of making money in Nigeria. Haulage transportation is a very good industry to put your money in and earn returns mostly if not every day.

People and goods need to move from one place to another. You can make money by providing a means for them.

There are lots of ways to invest in Haulage transportation in Nigeria. These include buying trucks under a company and letting it work and pay you returns. E.g buying trucks under Dangote Cement.

You can also invest in Haulage transportation by starting a logistics company. Although it is more like a business than an investment. This is because you’ll need to actively manage some aspects of the business to make it a success.

However, whichever way you choose to start, haulage transportation is one of the best investments that pay monthly income in Nigeria.

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5. Treasury Bills

Treasury bills are one of the safest investments that pay monthly income in Nigeria. Also known as T-Bills, Treasury Bills are backed by the government. It is short-term securities issued by the CBN. 

They are issued when the government needs to borrow funds for a period of time. So they issue them to investors at discounted rates, which would eventually yield good returns at maturity.

With a huge sum of money (at least 50 million naira) you can invest in treasury bills as a sole investor at the bi-weekly primary market. Perhaps if you have little money, you can also buy treasury bills from the secondary market such as banks.

7. Fixed Savings

Fixed savings is one of the most secure and popular investments that pay monthly income in Nigeria. It is a good one for those that don’t have millions of naira to invest.

You can take advantage of some online investment platforms like Piggyvest that let you lock your money for your preferred period and get daily increments on your investment. The longer you lock your money in, the more money you’ll make in return (profit).

You can also invest in fixed savings offline in some Nigerian commercial banks such as Stanbic IBTC, Access Bank, and so on. You can enjoy up to 20% ROI per annum putting your money in fixed savings.

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7. Uber

Investments with monthly returns in Nigeria

Investing in Uber is pretty simple. It is just like the haulage transportation investment. Uber is a very popular company that lets people make money through rides.

You can invest in Uber by registering as a partner. Although you would need a car in good condition and also one that meets uber requirements. Once you have that done, you’ll have uber put your investment (car) to work, and pay you your returns.

You can also do this with Bolt. This investment is very profitable, as you can be sure to get about a 20% return every month.

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8. Investing in Stocks

If you’re internet savvy, you must have come across people making money day trading stocks. You can also invest in stocks both foreign such as Amazon, Tesla, Coca-cola, Meta, Twitter, and more, and/or local ones such as Dangote Cement, Nestle, and BUA, and get returns if the stocks value increase.

Although unlike others in this post, stocks involve taking risks, it is worth it, as it is one of the highly profitable investments with monthly returns in Nigeria.

9. Palm Oil Investment

Not long ago, I shared a post on how to start a palm oil business in Nigeria and discussed the success story of a family member who made 200% ROI in just a few weeks investing in palm oil. If you live in places where palm oil is produced, investing in it would be a smart move if you get in at the right time.

The price of palm oil is not stable, and they are usually scarce sometimes. So, if you can buy some gallons of palm oil while they are cheap, and resell them when the price goes up. 

10. P2P Lending

P2P lending is one of the newest, but a very profitable and easy investment that pays monthly income in Nigeria. It involves lending people money for a period of time (weeks, months, or annually), and getting it back with interest.

If you have idle money to invest, this could be a good one for you, as platforms like Fint and P2Vest have made it more secure to become a lender online. They connect you with screened borrowers, so you don’t lose your money.

On this platform, you can lend money to borrowers for a month and get interest (profits) on the loan when they pay back every 30 days.

Monthly Income Investments – FAQs

What is the best investment for monthly income in Nigeria?

Some of the best investments for monthly income in Nigeria include real estate, buying treasury bills, mutual funds, fixed savings, and agriculture.

What is the best online investment with monthly returns in Nigeria?

The bed online investments with monthly returns in Nigeria include P2P lending, fixed savings on fintech platforms, investing in stocks, and also cryptocurrency.

What is the best 10% monthly return on investment in Nigeria?

The best 10% monthly returns on investment in Nigeria include agriculture, uber partnership, haulage transportation, and P2P lending.


Investing your money I’m something that yields good returns is one of the best ways to build generational wealth. With good investment during your working days, you may not have to worry about retirement, as you would have something to fall on.

With this post about the best investments that pay monthly income in Nigeria, I believe you’re filled with the best investment ideas in Nigeria. Now, just start with the most suitable one for you, and walk your way up.


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