Top 15 Investment Banks in Nigeria 2024

Investment banks are banks that act as financial intermediaries between securities issuers and investors. These banks deal with creating capital for companies, governments, and other entities.

Investment banks offer a wide range of services including facilitating merging, financial advisory, investment opportunities, as well as asset and wealth management.

Since merging is one of the primary purposes of investment banking, the bigger the size of the bank, the better, as there will be more buyers and sellers to merge. Also, the firm will have more quality connections within the market. However, there are just a few banks that meet that standard in the country.

Nairarush has curated 15 of the best investment banks in Nigeria. These banks offer almost all investment banking services you could ever think of – plus they are reliable and trustworthy.

If you’re here in search of such banks, let’s get started then!

Top 15 Investment Banks in Nigeria 2023

1. Renaissance Capital Bank

Renaissance Capital is one of the leading independent investment banks in Nigeria. The company provides access to over 50 markets across the globe including equity market, debt capital market, and mergers and acquisitions.

Renaissance also offers sales and trade services including fixed-income investment, forex, and derivatives among others. The bank also provides a variety of bespoke financing solutions to local and international financial institutions, funds, private investors, shareholders and corporates, asset managers, and insurance companies.

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2. Quantum Zenith Capital & Investments Limited

With a long-standing relationship with Zenith Bank Quantum Capital claims to be the biggest investment bank in Nigeria as they are a leading firm in IPOs, financial advisory, corporate financing, and more.

The company offers investments and asset management services in Nigeria with strong capitalization and market turnover as well as a proven ability to execute “big-ticket” transactions.

Quantum Zenith is well reputable as it is featured on Bloomberg as a firm that facilitates deals in all sectors including oil & gas, power & infrastructure, and breweries & beverages amongst others. This company’s head office is located in Lagos, Nigeria.

3. Stanbic IBTC Capital Limited

Investment banks in Nigeria

Affiliated with Stanbic IBTC Holdings, one of the best financial institutions in Nigeria, Stanbic IBTC Capital Limited is a reliable firm that offers investment banking services to corporate clients in Nigeria.

Their investment bankers leverage deep insights from local,  global, and African presence to deliver innovative solutions that drive business growth. Stanbic IBTC Capital services include underwriting for IPO, financial and capital market advisory, and pension funds management.

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4. Rand Merchant Bank Nigeria Limited

Located in Lagos, Rand Merchant Bank Nigeria Limited (RMB) is a leading investment bank in Nigeria that offers investment services for both long-term and short-term returns.

As an authorized financial services Provider and a subsidiary of the FirstRand Group, RMB Nigeria offers a comprehensive suite of investment banking products and services including advisory, finance, and trading solutions, as well as investment opportunities and fund management.

5. Dunn Loren Merrifield Ltd

Dunn Loren Merrifield Ltd is a registered investment bank in Nigeria under the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). The firm offers slightly advanced financial services that combine the attributes of origination, distribution, and trading of securities.

That simply means you can get offered asset management with stress-free fixed income, as well as Fx Trading provides clients with foreign currency to meet international payment obligations, and also Advisory, Dunn Loren Merrifield offers a wide range of investment and financial services.

The firm is well reputable and trustworthy, as it has worked with top firms like the Nigerian Ministry of Finance, the European Investment Bank, The Central Bank of Nigeria, and so on.

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6. Meristem Capital

Investment bank in nigeria

Meristem Capital is a registered issuing house, and of the fastest-growing investment banks in Nigeria. This firm lets you invest in mutual funds, treasury bills, FIX-TIP, and real estate. You can also make dollar investments with Meristem Capital.

Also, this firm provides market service to small and medium companies that desire to be listed on the Alternative Securities Market board to benefit from the immense opportunities it provides.

7. Investment One Capital Management

Investment One Capital Management is a reliable firm that has a professional team of investment bankers in Nigeria that offer lots of financial services including advisory, principal investment, real estate investment, private banking, venture capital, and so on.

This firm offers all these investment banking services to private and public companies, governments, statutory corporations, and multilateral financial institutions.

Although their head office is located at Victoria Island, Lagos, you can also find them in other parts of the country including Abuja and Port-Harcourt.

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8. First Bank of Nigeria Quest Asset Management

First Bank of Nigeria Quest Asset Management, also known as FBNQUEST is a leading investment bank in Nigeria and is a subsidiary of FBNQuest Merchant Bank, a subsidiary of the FBN Holdings Group. They offer investment solutions to help you acquire, build, manage and preserve your wealth.

The firm provides investment solutions that cut across various asset classes for a range of clients spanning individuals, intermediaries, and institutions. With them, you can invest in actively managed portfolios such as fixed income, mutual funds, and more. They also offer passive strategies (ETFs), quantitative strategies, and thematic strategies investment services.

The company has been in business for over 15 years, so they are reliable, and can be trusted. After all, they are affiliated with one of the best financial institutions in Nigeria (FirstBank).

9. Vetiva Capital Management

Registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Nigerian Stock Exchange, Vetiva Capital is a Pan-African capital market advisory firm with headquarters in Lagos. They offer a wide range of financial services including Issuing House and Market Maker.

Vetiva also offers investment banking services such as portfolio management, asset management, brokerage and dealing, mutual funds, and lots more.

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10. Afrinvest

Investment bank in nigeria

Afrinvest is a leading Nigerian investment bank that is certified by the Security and Exchange Commission of Nigeria. This firm features lots of investment services including dollar funds, treasury bills, federal government bonds, equity funds, and debt funds among others.

The firm also offers an asset management service called AAML. This service offers investors direct professionally managed access to the Nigerian capital markets through equity-focused, debt-focused, and hybrid unit trust investment schemes.

11. Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered is one of the tops and most reliable investment banks in Nigeria, as it offers a variety of investment services. These services include wealth management, commercial, corporate, institutional, private, digital, and transaction banking businesses, and so on.

SC has been in business for a long time as a financial institution across Africa, so it can be trusted. The firm also offers investors some materials to help their investment journey.

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12. Coronation Merchant Bank

Coronation merchant is a leading firm that offers investment banking services to Nigerians. The firm has a team of experts that helps you build wealth easily through investments such as capital markets, mergers, and acquisitions, as well as project and structured finance throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Coronation merchant bank also offers other financial services including corporate banking, international trade, and treasury & global market solutions to clients.

13. The Infrastructure Bank Plc

Formerly known as the Urban Development Bank of Nigeria Plc, The Infrastructure Bank Plc offers financial solutions to support long-term infrastructure projects such as mass housing and district development, municipal common

services, transportation infrastructure, power, renewable energy projects, and more.

This bank is a government-sponsored but private sector-led development

finance institution. Private sectors and the Nigeria Labour Congress are also shareholders of the Infrastructure Bank.

14. Chapel Hill Denham

Chapel Hill Denham is a multinational, award-winning investment bank in Nigeria that offers independent investment banking, securities trading, and investment management.

The firm deals with some of the most valuable sectors such as Infrastructure, Energy and Renewables, Real Estate, SMEs, Digital and Financial Inclusion, Healthcare, Education, and lots more.

In essence, Chapel Hill Denham provides Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Capital-Raising, and Financial Advisory services. These services are offered to corporations, individuals, governments, and institutions involved in investing in and developing Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

15. Greenwich Trust Limited

With head office in Lagos, Greenwich Trust Limited is a reliable Investment bank in Nigeria that provides high-end financial products and services to select clients in targeted sectors of the economy.

The firm has professionals that offer a variety of investment banking services in the capital market that could help get IPOs, as well as financial advisory and structured finance services.

Greenwich also offers other financial services such as corporate banking, asset and wealth management, treasury and global market, securities trading, and private banking.

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Investment Bank in Nigeria – FAQs

Which bank is best for investment in Nigeria?

Banks that are best for investment in Nigeria include Stanbic IBTC, Quantum Zenith, Meristem, First Bank of Nigeria (FBNQuest), and Standard Chartered Bank.

How many investment banks are there in Nigeria?

There are over 30 investment banks in Nigeria.

Is Zenith Bank an investment bank?

Yes, Quantum Zenith is a Zenith bank subsidiary that offers investment services.

Is Stanbic bank an investment bank?

Yes, Stanbic bank is an investment bank in Nigeria. It has Stanbic IBTC Capital as its subsidiary that offers investment services.

What are the Investment banks in Lagos?

Investment banks in Lagos include Afrinvest, Greenwich Trust, Vetiva Capital Management, Investment One Capital Management, and more.


Investment banking is of much importance to corporations, governments, and even individuals. Regardless of your reason, I believe this post has helped you with a full list of investment banks in Nigeria that you can work with.


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