List of All Union Bank Code 2023-2024

All Union Bank Code: Wondering how you can efficiently manage your Union Bank account? Seeking a speedy and straightforward method for this?

Well, you are in the perfect spot!

Here, we’re going to explore a easy method that allows you to handle your banking needs from the comfort of your home.

Here is the Union Bank Code to Check Balance

What’s the Easy Solution?

The key to this simplicity is the Union Bank USSD code.

If you’re unfamiliar with it or have perhaps forgotten it, don’t worry.

We’ve got you covered.

This page will provide all the information you need about this easy banking method.

List of All Union Bank Code 2023-2024

What Will This Post Cover About the Union Bank Code?

In this article, we’ll dive into several aspects of the Union Bank USSD code, including:

  • What the Union Bank Code is
  • The specific Union Bank Transfer Code
  • A comprehensive list of Union Bank USSD Codes
  • How to check your balance with a Union Bank code
  • Union Bank codes for various functions like transferring money, taking a loan, purchasing airtime, checking your BVN, blocking your ATM card, transferring data, and more.
  • How to transfer funds to other banks using the Union Bank transfer code
  • Steps to register for Union Bank USSD code
  • Guidance on registering a Union Bank code without an ATM card
  • The benefits and features of Union Bank USSD codes
  • Requirements for activating the Union Bank USSD code
  • How to create a 5-digit pin for Union Bank transfers
  • Instructions on how to block and unblock your Union Bank USSD code

Stay tuned as we explore these topics to enhance your Union Bank experience!

List of All Union Bank USSD Codes

  • Union Bank code to check balance – *826*4#
  • Block Your Account From Other Phone Numbers – *826*6*mobile number#
  • Pay Merchants – *826*22*merchant code*amount#
  • Block Your Account From Your Phone Number  – *826*6#
  • Retrieve BVN – *565*0#
  • Union Bank code for transfer of money to Union Bank – *826*1*Amount*Account Number#
  • Union Bank code for transfer of money to other banks – *826*2*Amount*Account Number#
  • Union Bank code to buy airtime for self – *826*Amount#
  • Increase Account Limit – *826*8#
  • Data Capture After Register – *826*3*Account Number#
  • Locate a Union Bank Branch – *826*19#
  • Union Bank code to buy airtime for others – *826*Amount*Phone Number#
  • Union Bank code for loan – *826*41#
  • Pay Bills – *826# > select bill payment 
  • Hot list ATM Card – *826*21#
  • Data Purchase – *826*9#
  • Block and Unblock Debit/Credit Card – *826*21# 
  • Request a Debit Card – *826*21#
  • Cardless Withdrawal – *826*7*amount#
  • Account Opening – *826#

How to Activate USSD Code for Union Bank

egistering for the Union Bank code is a breeze. Just follow these six straightforward steps:

  1. Initiate the Process: Begin by dialing *826# from your mobile phone. Remember, it’s crucial to use the phone number that’s linked to your Union Bank account.
  2. Input Your Account Number: You’ll need to enter your 10-digit Union Bank account number.
  3. Debit Card Details: The system will ask for the last six digits of your debit card. Make sure to enter these accurately.
  4. Set Your Transfer PIN: Choose a four-digit transfer PIN. This PIN will be key for future transactions, so remember it well.
  5. Confirm Your Details: Double-check and confirm all the information you’ve entered. This step is important to ensure everything is correct.
  6. Activation Confirmation: Once you’ve completed all the above steps, you’ll receive a confirmation message. This message indicates that you’ve successfully activated the Union Bank USSD service on your phone.

And that’s it! You’re all set to enjoy the convenience of Union Bank’s USSD service.

Requirements to Activate Union Bank Code

To get started with the Union Bank USSD service, there are four key things you’ll need:

  1. A Union Bank Account: Naturally, you’ll need an active Union Bank account to use this service.
  2. An Active Debit Card: It’s essential to have a debit card linked to your Union Bank account. Make sure your card is active and in good standing.
  3. Any Mobile Phone: The great news is, you don’t need a smartphone. Any mobile phone, regardless of its features, is suitable for this service.
  4. A Registered Phone Number: You can use a phone number from any network provider, but it must be the one registered with your Union Bank account.

Once you have these four essentials, you’re all set to activate and enjoy the Union Bank USSD service!

Understanding Union Bank Transfer Fees and Limits

What are the Charges for Transferring Money via Union Bank?

When you transfer money using the Union Bank USSD code, a fee of N6.98 is applied.

This charge is levied by your mobile network service provider.

Additionally, standard transaction fees are applicable for your transfers and other services.

Is There a Transfer Limit with the Union Bank Code?

Yes, there are limits.

With the Union Bank USSD service, you can transfer a maximum of N100,000 per day in multiples of N20,000.

If you need to transfer more, you’ll have to respond to an indemnity prompt.

The daily limit can be increased to N200,000 and even N1,000,000 with an SMS token.

Managing Your Union Bank USSD Code

How to Block Your Union Bank USSD Code

If you need to block your Union Bank USSD code, it’s a straightforward process. Just dial 82621# from any phone.

You’ll need to enter your PIN to confirm. This action will deactivate the number associated with the USSD service.

How to Unblock Your Union Bank Transfer Code

In case you find yourself needing to unblock your Union Bank USSD code, this requires a bit more effort.

You will need to visit a Union Bank branch in person to get the code unblocked.

FAQs on the Union Bank Code

How Do I Activate My Union Bank USSD Transfer Code?

To activate your Union Bank USSD transfer code, simply dial *826# using the SIM card that is linked to your Union Bank account number.

How Do I Transfer Money from Union Bank to Another Bank?

For transferring money to other bank accounts, dial *826*2*Amount*Recipient*Account No#. For instance, to transfer N8,000, dial *826*2*8000*89076363837#.

After entering the code, input your Union Bank transfer PIN to authorize the transaction.

Make sure to confirm the recipient’s account details shown on your screen.

Here is Access Bank Code For All Activities

How Can I Activate Union Bank Mobile Transfer?

To activate Union Bank mobile transfer, dial *826# on the mobile number registered with your Union Bank account.

Choose “1” to activate UnionMobile and then follow the on-screen instructions.

How Do I Transfer Money from My Union Bank Account to My Phone?

To transfer money from your Union Bank account to your phone, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on Send/Request.
  2. Choose InstaPay.
  3. Select the account you wish to transfer funds from.
  4. Pick the receiving bank and decide whether to send money via email or mobile.
  5. Enter the email address or mobile number of the recipient.
  6. Review the transaction details.
  7. Complete the process!

What is Union Bank USSD Code?

The official Union Bank USSD banking code is *826#.

This transfer code is a quick and efficient way to complete your financial transactions.

Wrapping Up

Embrace the convenience of the Union Bank USSD code and say goodbye to the hassle of visiting the bank.

It’s designed to make your banking experience stress-free.

All you need to do is dial *826# for transfers and other banking services, as detailed earlier in this article.

This simplicity is at your fingertips, making banking tasks effortless and quick.

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