Top 17 Agricultural Investment Platforms in Nigeria 2024

This post contains 17 leading agricultural investment platforms in Nigeria to invest and earn money easily from home.

Contributing about 23% to the country’s GDP, Agriculture is undoubtedly the oldest and one of the best sources of income in Nigeria for lower-class, middle-class, and even top-class citizens.

With that, investing in the venture is a great and smart way to build generational wealth. Getting physically involved in agriculture even after putting down the money is the most popular way of investing in farming in Nigeria. However, it’s the 21st century, and things have changed for the better, smart and easy.

You can now become an Agri investor without leaving your home, or even getting to know the farm you put your money into. There are lots of companies and online platforms that offer this opportunity.

Nairarush has come up with 17 of the best agricultural investment platforms in Nigeria that let you invest about any amount in farm projects, and get up to 40% profits in return on every harvest, and/or annually.

Without further ado, let’s get to see them all!

Top 17 Agricultural Investment Platforms in Nigeria 2023

1. Agropartnership

Agropartnership is one of the leading Agricultural investment platforms in Nigeria that enables you to engage in profitable agribusiness opportunities from the comfort of your home.

With as low as 90,000 Naira you can trade agricultural commodities, or with the minimum investment required per unit, you can invest in farms and count your profits in no time.

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2. Farmcrowdy

Agricultural investment platforms in nigeria

With the aim to build sustainable food solutions in Africa through technology, FarmCrowdy lets you invest in Agriculture right from your phone. This platform has two main products including FC Shop and FC Foods.

FC Foods is the product that lets you invest in Agric through trading raw agro-products, inputs, and commodities. 

3. Agrorite

Agrorite is another agricultural investment platform in Nigeria that lets you put your money to work investing in a variety of agricultural commodities including cocoa, sesame, cashew, ginger, maize, etc.

This platform is not just launched for investors, but farmers too, as it leverages technology for smart farming. This helps farmers make better decisions, boost efficiency, increase yield and become more sustainable.

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4. Crowdyvest

With up to 21% return on investment annually, Crowdyvest is one of the most profitable agricultural investment platforms in Nigeria. This platform doesn’t only let you invest in Agric, but you can also save money and get good returns.

On this platform, you invest in Agricultural projects of top companies, and farmers looking to raise capital. The higher your stake in a project, the higher your returns.

5. Agro-park

Agro-park is primarily a farm management company that deals with end-to-end of the agricultural value chain. Unlike other Agric investment platforms in this list, Agro-park offers you land for agriculture and helps you manage it for the best yield and returns.

The company also offers a service called Agribusiness Academy. This service helps you learn more about Agriculture for profitable investment in Nigeria.

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6. Payfarmer

Pay farmer is one of the leading agricultural investment platforms in Nigeria that let you support farmers through funding. Your support can get you up to 30% of profits in return annually.

This platform is a registered multi-purpose cooperative. It offers a wide range of agribusinesses including livestock farming, fish farming, crop plantation, poultry, and Piggery which you can invest in and make money.

7. ePoultry

agricultural investment platforms in nigeria

ePoultry is the first and leading digital poultry investment platform in Nigeria. This platform serves as an intermediary between poultry farmers seeking funds and investors looking to put money to work.

With as low as 50,000 Naira, you can invest in a poultry farm in Nigeria via ePoultry, by buying a unit and getting up to 40% return on investment every year. This platform is very reliable, and you can also use their mobile app to make investments.

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8. Farmbuddy

With just a little money, you can get farmland such as plantain plantation, and more to make a good income with Farmbuddy.

While this company is located in Lagos, it has over 200 acres of farmland located at Isiwo in Ogun State. In this farm, they get involved in both crop and livestock farming such as ugu, cucumber, tomato, poultry, snail, pig, cassava, plantain, rice and grass-cutter, and so on.

The mode of investing on this platform is different. Instead of trading agricultural commodities, or funding farmers, you get an already cultivated farmland for yourself where you can make the most money.

9. Piggyvest

Piggyvest is a very popular saving and investment fintech company in Nigeria. The platform has an app that lets you save money on a Fixed income and keep generating interest daily.

One thing that people don’t really know about Piggyvest is that it also serves as an agribusiness crowdfunding platform. That is, as an investor, you can invest in agriculture on Piggyvest by supporting farmers through funding.

From crop to livestock farming, there are usually legit farmers and agricultural companies that welcome investors via Piggyvest. You can buy shares of a farming project on this platform with good returns.

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10. Bazuze

Bazuze is one of the best agricultural investment platforms in Nigeria that deals with commodity trading. This platform gives individuals who do not have the time, knowledge, or capacity in agriculture,

the opportunity to invest and profit through the trading of agricultural commodities in the

local market and exporting to international markets.

This platform lets you invest in a variety of Agric commodities such as rice, palm kernel, oil, livestock feeds, melon, and so on. The duration period of investment varies, and you can get up to 250% return or more on your investments.

11. E-Farms

eFarm is one of the fastest-growing agricultural investment platforms in Nigeria that is focused on providing financial linkage between farm investors and smallholder farmers.

This platform offers investors unique investment opportunities by presenting them with a preselected list of farms comprising a wide variety of crops (maize, cassava, tomato, rice, etc), and animals (fish, pig, poultry, etc), chosen with careful consideration to demand, yield, Return of Investment (ROI), and Tenure of investment.

eFarms usually has lots of farm projects for investors. You can invest in two or more farms, whether for the same farm, or a combination of farms. The minimum investment cost depends on the selected farm project.

12. Thrive Agric

Agricultural investment in Nigeria

With a minimum investment of 10,000 Naira, you can enjoy amazing profits ranging from 12% to 20% by investing in poultry and rice cultivation projects on Thrive Agric.

This company has over 100,000 acres of farmland across Nigeria of which most are located in Ibadan and Iseyin in Oyo State and Aji, Kura, Warawa, and Ajingi in Kano State. Thrive Agric is very popular among agri investors, and it is insured to keep your investment safe.

13. Ezfarming

If you want to own a farm that generates money without having to get involved in farming activities, EZfarming is one of the few platforms that offer this opportunity in Nigeria.

This platform is launched primarily to connect investors with small farm holders around the globe. Now, EZfarming offers farm management services where you select a farm type, invest and have it cultivated, watch your crops grow, and make money easily at harvest.

This platform also helps in empowering commercial farmers to provide jobs for unemployed youths, enhancing Africa’s capacity to scale in agriculture, enhancing food and nutrition security, promoting agricultural productivity, and building a community of happy co-owners & farm owners.

14. Farmcart

Mainly focused on Poultry and fish farming, Farmcart is another agricultural investment platform in Nigeria that offers investors the opportunity to grow wealth through the agricultural sector in the country. This company boasts of offering up to 30% ROI per harvest cycle to Nigerian investors.

Farmcart farms are mainly located in Ogun State, where they have multiple catfish farms, as well as poultries for eggs and chicken.

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15. FarmSmart

Farm smart is another farming investment platform in Nigeria that has its farmlands and agricultural projects located mainly in Oyo State. This platform offers investors up to 25% returns on their investments with no hidden fee whatsoever.

FarmSmart deals with some of the most profitable agribusiness such as maize farming, melon farming, cassava farming, and sesame farming. In just three simple steps you can invest and get high returns on FarmSmart in Nigeria.

16. Farmcenta

Having worked with over 5,000 farmers, and cultivated over 10,000 acres of land since its launch in 2018, Farmcenta is a fast-growing agri-tech company that provides farmers with essential resources such as farm inputs, smart farming skills, and access to the premium market.

Not just that, but the company also offers agricultural investment in Nigeria. As an investor, your investment is used to fund farm projects which you can then get good returns on.

Farmcenta is mainly focused on dairy farming. The Company has been able to raise $7 million in investment capital for farmers, and they are assured with Leadway

17. Farm360

Farm360 is one of the top Agricultural investment companies in Nigeria that provides an integrated platform that allows investors to support farm projects. This is done either by owning a farm or investing in a farmer without having to get physically involved in farming activities.

The platform allows users to select from different farm portfolios at their convenience, sign a contract containing the ROI and duration, then make payment, and enjoy their returns on the agreed time.

Agricultural Investment in Nigeria – FAQs

Where can I invest in agriculture in Nigeria?

You can invest in agriculture in Nigeria via platforms such as Agrorite, Agropartnership, Piggyvest, Crowdyvest, Payfarmer, FarmSmart, Farm360, Thrive Agric, ePoultry, and many more.

How much should I invest in agriculture in Nigeria?

Lots of platforms that let you invest in agriculture in Nigeria have a minimum investment usually from 50,000 Naira and above. You invest as much as you wish.

How can I invest in farmland with little money?

You can invest in farmland with little money in Nigeria via platforms such as FarmSmart, Thrive Agric, eFarm, Payfarmer, and lots more.

What is the best online farm investment in Nigeria?

The best online farm investment platforms in Nigeria include Agrorite, Agropartnership, Piggyvest, Crowdyvest, Payfarmer, FarmSmart, Farm360, Thrive Agric, and ePoultry.


Agricultural investment in Nigeria is one of the best ways to put your money to work as the oldest source of living in the country is farming, and it still thrives to date. With this post containing 17 of the best Agricultural investment platforms in Nigeria, I believe you should have picked one to invest in. Just make sure you carry out more research by contacting the company before investing.


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